Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pictures from Mommy Phone



Peek a Boo @ Hurst Rec Center

Dino Class w/Miss Dottie@ Hurst Rec Center

Park w/Daddy&Mommy

Play group at Brown house

At Hurst Rec Center

Riley 18 months Well Child Checkup 3/22/13

Weight 25lbs   62%
   Height 32.40 inch  65%
 Head 19.50ins  98%
Riley Roo is doing very well Healthy and Strong little girl.
Riley love to play outside with Tonka (Dog) w/Elyse & William
Riley and Elyse are always playing together, more like Riley is
on top of Elyse(Silly little Girl)
Riley & William will play Cars together
Loves to play peek a boo
Loves to watch movies
She A little climbing!!! she just learn how to climb out of
her bed now she moved to toddler bed.
Color: Pink
Food: Pizza,Yogurt, Fish Sticks,Anything sweet
Loves when Daddy get home from work!!
William & Elyse love calling Riley (Baby Riley)
She loves to give all of us hugs & kisses
Riley is so much fun. Whenever Riley Smile your heart will melt.
We are so happy to have Riley apart of your family.
We love you Riley Roo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Elyse 5yr old Well Child Check up 3/22/13

Weight: 47.40lbs   87%
Height: 46inch      97%
She healthy an strong and doing very well.
Elyse has grown up so much in the last year, She asking alot of question about new thing she see ,hears, and learning at school.
Elyse is a Big help with William and Riley, helping with shoes, playing with them, and even running to check on them when I need her too.
She love to cook & bake with me (Mom)
Classes she been taking are Ballet (love to dance),Gardens,Dinosaur,Speech class three time a week
Color: Pink/Purple
Super Hero:Captain America
Food: Pizza, Chocolate Milk,MC Donald's,Fish sticks,Spaghetti,
and all kind of sweets
Love to play outside in the Backyard
Elyse it kinda crazy to think that you are 5yrs old, you have grown up
so fast, I can remember the 1st time I holding in my arm. And how excited me and your daddy was to have a little Baby girl
You make mommy and daddy proud everyday.
You are a such a amazing, beautiful little girl inside and out.
We love you Elyse!!

Elyse 5th Birthday 3/20/13

We had School in the morning for Elyse and William,Elyse Speech
class made it a very fun day for her, Elyse was so excited they sang
the Birthday song to her, one of her buds and school Mackenzie gave her
a gift it was a Monster High Blanket she was pretty excited.
We came home Elyse and William help me make Elyse Tinker Bell cake,
Waited for daddy to get home from work.
Elyse request for her Birthday dinner was to go to Chuck e Cheese
All three of the kiddos have alot of fun, they bounce from game to game
Below are some fun picture's of the kids and daddy playing the games

 After all the fun we had at chuck eCheese we head home for
some awesome Tinder Bell Cake & open gifts.
Gifts Elyse received
Grandma-pa Varble =B/day &$10
Grandma-pa Staheli= Purple Purse,Cinderella little dolls,B/day card
William= Cinderella Clock
Riley =Periwinkle (Tinker Bell sister)
Mom&Dad= Monster high dolls

At the end of the day
Elyse reply as we are tucking her in bed
(that was the most awesome birthday ever mom & dad)
Mommy& Daddy are so happy you are apart of are Little family
Happy Birthday Elyse
We love you!!

Bubbles 3/13/13

Kids love to play with bubbles!
Here fun pictures of the kiddos having fun outside


Friday, March 1, 2013

Ballet Class 2/27/2013

Elyse ready to dance

Daddy got off early to watch Elyse dance
Nice surprise for the kids!

Miss Tish (Ballet Teacher)

Our little Dancer

Daddy's Princess

Mommy Loves this Picture


Miss Dottie,William,Elyse
William & Elyse took Dinosaurs Class, William also
took Painting class w/Miss Dottie.
Kiddos Love Miss Dottie as there Teacher