Wednesday, August 28, 2013

July-6th, Cooks Hospital 10th, Fun Pic w Mom 14th, Chilling w/Dad 2013

Riley got really sick
She was not breathing very well on her own
so we headed to Cooks Children Hospital
she ended up have really bad case of croup
did a coupe treatments on her and meds
in about 12hr later we was able to held home
I has just very happy 1 we did not have to stay at the hospital
and 2 my Riley Roo was feeling so much better
I dislike when my baby's are not feeling so well

We spoiled  Riley
Daddy made her an Build a Bear
William/Elyse also got one

I love taking fun picture with the kids

Chilling with Daddy after Church
Watching a movies


Unknown said...

That is so scary for Riley. Catelynn has really bad asthma and we ended up in the hospital for 3 days. I am glad all is better!