Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our new little family member :)

Daisy Staheli
Shih Tzu
2month old

Friday, October 4, 2013

October Pictures of the Kids 10-4-13


Love taking pictures together

Elyse with her new School Shirt

Priceless picture of William and Riley together

Cheese :)

I could not decided which one I like more so you got four
Love Riley face
My sweet Babies

Never can not forget the silly face picture

William & Riley Well Check-up 10-3-13

Mr. William
Height: 43.27ins   95%
Weight:46.00lbs   96%

Healthy little Man!

Riley Roo
Height: 34.50ins   68%
Weight:29.40lbs   78%

Health and strong little Girl!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

William Birthday Pary 9-1-13 & Birthday Day 9-2-13

William blowing out his cupcake at his B/day Party

Treats for the party!

Mmmm good

Our awesome friends

Helping with William opening gifts

Ton's of Helper's :)

Cara & Hilary Boyer
William Ray

Favorite Color- Green

 Hotdogs, Corndogs Spaghetti, Ice Cream,
Any kind of of sweet treats, Pop Tarts

Toy Stories
Mutant ninja turtles

Loves to do-
Play on the Computer
Play w/sister
Loves any kinds of Balls
Loves going go to his School

Favorite Toy
all kinds of Ball's

Mr William
Mommy love you so much even the crazy little boy you can be.
You such a personal, you laugh at everything, right now I'm trying my
hard to stop you think burping is fun. you do say excuse me every time you
burp but just think is so fun :)
You love when Daddy comes home! you like to sit on this lap and just chill with dad
You are a big help in the kitchen especially when it comes to cooking cookies
Just loves it when Elyse come home from school
Plays with Tonka, just loves going to his classes at the Rec Center
and to see Mrs. Lannom for Speech
We are so happy to have you apart of are family
Mr William
(My crazy Little Man)
Happy Birthday!!

Love you
Mommy, Daddy ,Elyse, Riley


Helping William open gift

Riley Roo