Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

Elyse found water to play in. By the time she was done playing she was nice an wet, it was a very hot day so it cooled her off. She enjoyed it very much

Elyse chasing the squirrel Daddy helping

She saw a squirrel in the tree

Mommy & Elyse

For Memorial Day we went to Fort Worth Garden, we walk around and look at all the plant's and flowers. Then we had a picnic and let Elyse run around and play. It was a nice day being together as a family, there no another way to spend it!!!

Fun in the Sun!!!

Elyse & Tonka Playing

Elyse got a outside play set, she loves to play on it.

For her birthday we got a swimming pool. It's been hot so we final put it up, Elyse loves to play in the water. she could spend hours out there if I let her. It been fun watching her play outside and enjoy the sun shine