Wednesday, May 28, 2014

End of the Year Kindergarten Ceremony 5/21/14

Outside of school waiting to go in

William chilling waiting to go inside

All the Kindergarten Kiddos

Best friends!
(Elyse is in the back row with the blue shirt)

Proud Daddy!!

Garden wall

Mrs. Wall
Elyse Awesome Kindergarten Teacher

Elyse has grow  up so much! She received her letter saying she ready
to move on the 1st Grade..... She is so excited
We are going to Miss Mrs. Wall she had done so much for Elyse
Such a Blessing to have Mrs. Wall as her Teacher
Thank you Mrs Wall!!


Showing us there dancing moves

Daddy with his Girl's
Having problem's with downloading the video to blog
so I'm sorry I will still try to put them on latter

Young Womens Car Wash 5/3/14

Yw are getting ready for Girls camp! Each year they do a Car Wash
for the member in the Ward
Our kids decided to help was the car too
They had so much fun helping

Staheli Baby #4 Due October 4th 2014

Baby #4 Boy or Girl??

We was not going to find out intel the end but the kid's wanted to know so bad
so we decided to do a revealing party of the gender of the baby??
So right after the had a sonogram  the tech wrote on piece of paper stapled it close
we head to the bakery to have the cake made. We headed the Revealing Party
Friday May 2nd @ 7:00 w/ Friend's
Above is what the cake looked like

And the Cake has spoken Baby#4
Sorry I tried loading the video 
Blog is not letting me load it

Easter Week 4/18-20/14

Elyse & Riley
Sister Love

Playgroup Easter egg hunt
@ Stake Center

Riley Hunt for eggs

William Eggs

Best part Candy time!

Easter Sunday April 20th
Riley found her basket

William Basket

Daddy helping find the egg's

Easter Picture's 4/20/14

Elyse 6yr

William 4yr

Riley 2yr

Best Buddy