Thursday, May 31, 2012

Riley 9month Well-Check-up 5/30/12

Weight: 21.94lbs  92%
Height: 29.20 inch's  94%
Head: 44.99cm 99%

Riley doing really great, she a very happy baby girl. She rolling all over.
 Loves to sit up play with her toys. Always take the William, Elyse water cup
she enjoys to drink out of a sippy cup She can say Dada love to make all
kinds of noise. Enjoys playing Pee-a-boo.
Loves to watch the kids play and laugh at them, really love
it when Elyse comes to play with her
We love a Riley!!!

Memorial Weekend (Bounce House) 5/26/12

Elyse best friend Raine & her dad DJ came with too.


Love Raine face (Priceless)


Mommy & Riley

Riley-Enjoying her self too-

Aww cute little girl

Elyse worn out

William play with toy
If you look close you can see Williams red face

Bill & DJ
 Just Chilling


Daddy & Riley

It was a great day at the bounce house. The kids had so much fun, we stayed 3hrs.
Let me tell you they all ran crazy Elyse,William,Raine. they had so much fun
By the time we left they all sweaty and tired kids

Swimmimg 5/25/12

Elyse,William loves to play in the water

Elyse dancing

Riley 1st year playing in water with other kiddos
She was in heaven.

Riley playing with William ear

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Miss Riley

All the kids loved playing in the water, we even got daddy wet when he got home.
we was out in the sun about 1 1/2 hrs all kidds walked aways being pink next tanning up,
and me (mommy) fryed :)
All in all it was a good fun summer day

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jaycee Park 5/23/12

Getting ready to ride

Swing together AWww

His kid cracks me up!!

Elyse was on her bike the hole time. She love her Big Girl Bike

Primary trip to the Dallas Temple 5/19/12

Walking the Dallas Temple Grounds

Primary Pres Ashley Walker
Talking to the children about the temple grounds

River Trail Primary Children 2012

William love the temple doors

Elyse,Raine (Best Friend)

Elyse,Raine,William walking into the Dallas Temple

Our Primary took a trip to the Dallas Temple on Saturday. Elyse and William was so excited to see the temple.
The Temple Pres Marton and his Wife talk to the Children as they all sat on the stair in the lobby
then the all kids sang I Love to See the Temple & I'm a Child of God
It was a neat experience for William and Elyse.
Next day was Sunday Elyse wanted to go the the Temple instead
going to church :):)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Family Pictures 4/21/12

Thank you to a good friend Alysha Bond that took time out of here day to take these wonderful pictures of our the family.. I just love how they turned out  "Beautiful" Here just a few of the pictures that was taken on that day Enjoy!!

Fabulous Mother's Day 5/13/12


Daddy and silly Elyse

Mr William

Big brother love


William talking to Riley

Mommy & Elyse

Mommy & Riley

Beautiful gift I received for mother day