Sunday, February 28, 2010

William after bath time

I love this Picture is so cute

What a handsome little man!

Pictures with Mom & Dad

ElyseDaddy & Elyse

Mommy & Elyse

Mommy & William

Wearing Daddys Hat

Some fun pic's for the kids

William with Daddy hat

Elyse with Daddy hat

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cute Pic of Elyse

I put Elmo on for Elyse to watch, Ten min latter found Elyse sound asleep. So Cute


WOW!!! Bill spoiled me for (V)day, Bill had Monday off from work so, Bill got up in the morning and made breakfast for all of us. then we here off to go shopping. Above is what we end up with a new bedding set for the bed( it's so pretty ) Then we went out for lunch. came home and put the kids down for nap (p.s I also nap) Bill played for video games. after all the nap's, me and Elyse was off the gym to workout. Came home and Bill was really to head out for dinner we end up at Logan for dinner. Came home and put the bed set together and put the kids to bed. soon after me and Bill head to bed. It was a great day!!!!!!! Thank you Bill Love you ton's

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Everyone



Friday, February 12, 2010

Daddy has a snow day off of work :0

Our Little man William loves to be outside, feel bad for William he starting to get sick :(

Making snow angel

Mommy throwing snow on Elyse

Daddy and Elyse fixing our Snowman

More snow pictures

We got a lot of snow!!!!!! we end up with 12.5 inch's of snow in Texas.. What a site to see, it was a lot of fun get up in the morning and seeing all the snow we got. They (news) was telling us that it's the 4th snowiest time that Texas has every got this much snow. It's kinda funny but we don't own a snow shovel so are driveway still has all the snow on it. The pictures above are what it look like in the morning. What a joy to see snow!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Elyse & William

Our little man sitting up

Elyse & William playing in mommy and daddy bed.

Our Snowman

Our House in TX covered in Snow. WOW what a pretty site (it's really nice to see snow)

Elyse and our snowman we built

Well it snow alot in Texas, they where telling us (news) it's has not snowed this much sense 1937 so it has been a very long time. But it was alot of fun watching Elyse play in the snow it was Elyse 1st time playing in the snow. Right now we about 6inch's of snow, we end up with about 2 more inch's. WE LOVE THE SNOW !!!

Playing in Snow

Playing in the Snow. Elyse keep on saying so pretty!!!!

Elyse so found the mud, I found her sitting in it. Elyse was covered in mud

Elyse mud smile

You can see that she has mud on her not as much in the front. her butt was covered with mud and her white mittens. But she had a lot of fun playing in the snow

You can not really tell but we are making a Snowman, it's hard to see!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tummy time with William