Monday, September 10, 2012

William & Riley Well Child Visit's 9/7/2012

Weight: 38.40Lbs   95%
Height: 39 inch's    84%

Weight: 23.00Lbs   82%
Height: 30.25 inch's  82%

William and Riley are both doing awesome Strong and
very healthy Children
Both are growing up fast

William Birthday 3yr's Old 9/2/2012

William Gift
Birthday cupcake
William will all his gifts

playing together

Riley (funny litte girl)
Mr William Ray 3yr

Things he Like:
Any kind of race car's
Color: Green
Food: Pizza,Hot dog,Ice ream,cookies,
any Pasta,pop tarts chocolate milk
He just love food
Movie:Mega Mind, Car,Toy Story,
Loves to hand around Daddy all the time and
do everything dad can do
He our silly Boy
Laughs, Smile alot
Loves to play outside with Tonks
Play alot will his Sister's
Loves to go to school
He all in all Mr Boy!!

We love you William
Happy Birthday


Monday, September 3, 2012

Riley Birthday Party 8/30/2012

Getting ready blow out the candle

What great friend we have to come have
celebrate Riley birthday with us

Mmmmm Good

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I love My Riley Roo
Happy Birthday Baby Girl