Friday, July 5, 2013

Famiy Trip to Dino Park in Glen Rose Texas 6/3/13 Part 1

Playing that little Dino Park


Digging for Dino Bone

Found a Shark Tooth

Shark Tooth

Elyse got 2 Shark Tooth's and one Plant bones


Our Dino Kiddos

Hot Little Girl

Trying to catch up to William


Riley loves her dinosaurs

Love It!!

Riley watching Fish

Feeding the Fish

It was so hot time for a water break

Pic with Daddy

Riley Roo

Mr William love his Dino

We got to get a Picture Mr T-Rex


Time to play in the sand
find some dinosaurs bones

After an afternoon day in the dinosaurs park kids pick out a little toy to take home Elyse got a T-tex dino, William Binocular, Riley little squishy dino.  We head back to the Best Western  Dinosaurs Hotel for some Swimming for a couple of hours then we was off for some dinner at a family restaurant
Back to the Hotel for some shut eye
Fun Day!!!

Lunch at Target 5/13/13

I was trying to find some bed cover and I took these kiddos to 4 different Targets Store
in one day. So for all the crazy driving we I did we stopped and
had lunch a Target :) Kiddos has so much fun

Last day Act Program (School) 5/22/13

Elyse class for the hold year there was 7 kids altogether
4girl & 3boys. Elyse Enjoyed coming to class to learn she love her Teacher some much
Miss Leanne and Miss Jackie. In the year Elyse went to class she learn and grew up so much
now she so excited for kindergarten 

Elyse Graduation Day

Riley Enjoying the Popcorn


Every day they earned a coin if they behaved in class and listen to the teacher
and when the there line was full they received and prize

William being a Cute

Elyse buddy in Class

Nathan, Elyse, Mackenzie

Miss Jackie, Elyse, Miss Leanne
(Awesome Teacher's)

Snack time