Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Texas Ice/Snow Storm

Elyse laughing because she was playing on ice

William loved playing outside

Does not look like much, but there was 3inches of ice on the roads, light cover of snow on top. Just glad Bill got to stay home and not drive in this.

Texas Ice Storm

Texas had a Ice storm 1st week of Feb. Bill got to say home Tue,Wed worked Thur and Snow storm on Friday and no work on friday again Temperatures got in the teen in the day with the wind chills we got in the single# it got cold at night are pipe freeze in the bathrm for the 4day intil the sun came out. This may not look like much, but the little ice storm shut down the entire metroplex for four day. School canceled, Bill had no work, All of us stuck in the house intel saturday. By Friday afternoon the sun came out and started to melted all the roads enough to get out, to go food shopping. I stayed home with the kids, Bill went food shopping let just say it took him 3hrs to shop, he made people very upset at him because Bill took the last thing on the shelf. Bill was say the there was ton's shelf's with nothing on it.Here are some pic of the kid playing in the ice/snow for all of 5 mins we where outside, it was COLD I haven't felt this cold sence Massachusetts. Bill got to stay home the next wed because we had more ice/snow storm. CRAZY weather in Texas (Got to love it)