Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Riley 2nd Birthday 8/30/2013

All helping Riley open gifts

Teapot set for Grandma-pa Staheli

Minnie mouse

Time to sever hot chocolate!! MMMMmm Good 

Just love my Girl's

Time for Cake


Riley pick out her cupcakes

Awesome William
Mommy love you buddy

Posing for camera :)

Happy Birthday Little Riley Roo
Love to do:
 Play with Elyse, William
Love to give kisses and hugs all the time.
Play with her buddy Hudson Walker
Enjoys watching movies w/daddy
love her Baby Dolls

Pink & Purple

Despicable me
Tinker bell
All Toy Stories

She a really good eater she will almost anything
Spaghetti & Meatball
Gold Fish
Fruit Snack
Capri Sun

Favorite Toy;
Mommy and Daddy Phone

Riley Roo you are such a joy to are family! When mommy was pregnant with you
we thought is was a boy, to are surprise it was a girl!!!
It be so delightful to watch to grow in so many way.
 You have such a great personal! The things you do and say
your laugh & smile are priceless! 
I love to watch you play with Elyse, William.
 All the hugs and kisses we receive from you.
I very humble to be chosen to be your mommy Riley.
Happy Birthday Riley
We love you so much
Love Mom,Dad,Elyse,William


Elyse 1st day as a Kindergarten 8/26/2013

Our Beautiful little girl

Walking to school

River Trail Elementary


Daddy little girl

Kindergarten Hall

Teacher: Mrs Wall

Ready for School to Start

Our activity for the summer June-August 2013

We spend our whole summer at NHR2O waterpark it was
a lot of fun. We went about 2 to 3 times a week
spent about 3 to4 hr.
I really enjoyed going with the kiddo's and
watching them grow and learn to play with friends
and just a have a great time.

My pretty Girl's

William, Elyse, Riley

Mr. William

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mom guilt. I’m getting over it.

My good friend shared this with me, and I love so much too I wanted to share also.
I tried post it on the blog it just would not work:(
 click on the link below

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus 8/17/2013

Family Trip w/Grandpa-ma Staheli to
We all had so much fun!!!
Here's just a few picture of the circus it was very hard to
 pick which one to post.


Daddy let the kids pick out some light up toys :)
Girl princess wand's, William Dragon sword
Plus they all still work


Enjoying the show with grandparents

Elyse love wearing the clown nose

Few pictures of act's in the show

They started with 4 inside

They ending in 8 inside

(All the kids loved the dragon)

Love it

Mommy having fun with the Camera 8/16/2013

Riley Cheeeeesssseee!!

Silly faces


Fun Picture

Best Friends

Princess Elyse
Add caption

Mr William

Riley Roo