Thursday, October 23, 2014

2nd Football games 9/27/14

So much fun watching William play football

1st Football Game 9/20/14

Walk out to the field to plat 1st game

William blocking

Girls cheering for William

Break time

Half time with daddy

Getting ready to run the football

Sorry for over load of Football pic's
but a proud mommy
By baby boy playing football!!

Football Pictures 9/13/14

William Super excited for football to start

Saints Team 

Riley even ready to play football too

Playing some football with dad

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Primary Birthday Spotlight 2014- William 8/28/14

Primary Birthday Spotlight 2014
Name: William
I am 5 year's old
I have 0 Brothers 2 Sister's
The thing I like best about Primary is: My Teacher
My Favorite Storybook is: The Book of Mormon
My Favorite thing to eat for dinner is: Hotdogs
The food I cannot stand to eat is: Cheese
When I am a grownup I want to be a: Be like my Daddy
My Favorite Scripture: Nephi
My Favorite Primary Song is: Snowman

William & Riley Well Check up 9/11/14

Height:  46.38inchs
Weight: 52 lbs
Growth per 97%

Very healthy Boy

Height: 38inchs
Weight: 34.40lbs
Growth Per 82%

Healthy Little Girl :)

Willliam 5th Birthday Day 9/2/14

William was so excited it was finale his B/day. It hard
being the last Child with B/day in the year
So pretty happy kid

My super cute kids

Open Gifts time

Happy Birthday Mr William

Love to do:
Play angry Birds w/Riley
Play with the puppies/more like bug them
Play football
Play on mommy phone


Pixar Clips
Angry Birds Clip

Corn Dogs
Hot Dogs
Loves treats

Angry Bird

Happy Birthday Mr William
Mr William our little crazy man full of energy all the time, Never a dull sec
in our house. Full of funny faces and laughter all the time.
Even some time when you are being hard head.
At the end of the day you are still our little
Man.... We love having you in our family
We Love you William
Happy Birthday Day


Wiliam Birthday Gift from Grandma Staheli 8/31/14

Was just so excited to receive a gift from the mail

Brother and Sister love

Time to open

Thanks Grandma S
He love the Spiderman Dart Board game

Riley Roo 3rd Birthday 8/30/14

Super Excited to open her gifts

She loves Anger Birds
Thanks Grandma Staheli

Babies Car

William Helping

My Little Pony

Dora Play House

Happy Birthday Riley Roo

She loves to do:
She love to play with her sister Elyse
Enjoying picking up Elyse from school to give her a big hug
Loves to play angry birds
Watch football with daddy
playing with new puppies


Toy Stories
Mini Clip of Angry Birds

Fish sticks
loves snacking on goodies

Favorite  Toys:
Angry Birds
Dora Play House
Mommy's Phone
playing PBS on the Computer

Happy Birthday Riley Roo
We are so happy and grateful to have you apart of our little family. You are such a pride and joy
the many little smiles and laughter to give us light up
our world.... you have a such a fun
personal, me and daddy get a kick out of the thing to
do and many face you pull.
You love playing with your Brother and Sister
You have grow up so Fast where has the time gone
We love you
Happy Birthday Day


We had a little birthday Party for Riley had some friends come over for some
Cake and Ice Cream.
II made a Kit Kat Cake for Riley Birthday cake
It was sure good

Ready to blow out the cake

Jordyn Boyer helping Riley