Thursday, October 9, 2014

Riley Roo 3rd Birthday 8/30/14

Super Excited to open her gifts

She loves Anger Birds
Thanks Grandma Staheli

Babies Car

William Helping

My Little Pony

Dora Play House

Happy Birthday Riley Roo

She loves to do:
She love to play with her sister Elyse
Enjoying picking up Elyse from school to give her a big hug
Loves to play angry birds
Watch football with daddy
playing with new puppies


Toy Stories
Mini Clip of Angry Birds

Fish sticks
loves snacking on goodies

Favorite  Toys:
Angry Birds
Dora Play House
Mommy's Phone
playing PBS on the Computer

Happy Birthday Riley Roo
We are so happy and grateful to have you apart of our little family. You are such a pride and joy
the many little smiles and laughter to give us light up
our world.... you have a such a fun
personal, me and daddy get a kick out of the thing to
do and many face you pull.
You love playing with your Brother and Sister
You have grow up so Fast where has the time gone
We love you
Happy Birthday Day


We had a little birthday Party for Riley had some friends come over for some
Cake and Ice Cream.
II made a Kit Kat Cake for Riley Birthday cake
It was sure good

Ready to blow out the cake

Jordyn Boyer helping Riley