Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dinosaur Class 2/25/13

William & Elyse took and Dinosaur Class for eight weeks at the
Rec center. Let just say they love every minute of the class
look forward every week to go to Miss Dottie class to learn about Dinosaur
Well the last class they had a Dinosaur hunt and they all had
there shirts they made in class on.
Enjoy super cute pic's
Ready to go to Dinosaur Class

Riley wanted to be in the pic too

William & Elyse Shirt's they made all
by there self's

Hunting for the Dino eggs

Wow Mom!! There a dinosaur inside mom

Valentine's Day 2/14/2013

Gift's from Mom and Dad

Elyse: Tinker Bell doll & Blanket
William : Spider man & Blanket

Riley: Doll & Blanket

Daddy got alot of candy, two movies from Mom,Riley
William gave Dad Bear with candy heart
Elyse gave Dad chocolate roses
All kiddo made some picture for Dad too

Daddy got Mommy and the kids
Beautiful Flower, Mommy also got a
chandler light for the dining room
It was a great day

Feb 2013

Riley Roo

Mr William

Princess Elyse

Varble Family Picture's 2012

Grandma-pa & Grand-children
I love Daxton Smile





Varble Family

Varble Family



Lady's (missing Natalie)


Men (Missing Kilo)
I love this Pic

All the girl's


Kilo,Natalie, soon to be Kayson

Grandma-pa & Grand-children


We took a family trip to Utah in Nov 2012 Thanksgiving week. All the Varble got together for and Fun Family Picture's day, it only to 3hr to get it all done.:):):)
I want to tell  Mica & Jake again Thank you so much for taking our family pic's
I hope you Enjoy the Picture's
I just Love getting Family Pictures
The Memories you catch are priceless........

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January 2013

January we stayed inside alot it was to cold to play outside. But for a couple of days we had warmer weather. Things we did in January was School,Class at the Rec Center, Dance, Fighting the cold season with all the germs out there,Gym, Church, (Bill still working 7day:( And getting as much family time we can get together.
 In all in all things are doing good in the Staheli House
Just trying to keep up with the busy little Bee's
Hope you Enjoy the Pictures!