Saturday, March 24, 2012

Elyse Birthday Party 3/24/12

We do not have a picture but kiddos made Super Hero mask/BatmanPaper bag
for there candy.
Then it was snack time Juice,chips,cookies,yogurt

Time to open Gift (Elyse pick her spot to open gift )

All the kiddos wanted to help with opening the gifts

Cade Walker

Zade Brown dress up for the party!
When Elyse saw Zade she wanted to wear her super hero
Captain America too

Time for Batman Pinta
Elyse was the 1st to hit Batman

Emma taking her turn


Elyse Birthday 3/20/12 Big 4yr old

Waiting to open she Gifts

Birthday Cake

William helping Elyse

All her gifts
Mommy/Daddy -Fairies,Jewelry, Pants
Grandma/pa S-Hat,Purse,Nail posh and sticker
Grandma/pa Stories book,Book of Mormon,Pictures of Christ
Elyse Spoiled Little Girl

William being silly

Love's the Hat

Playing dress up with her giraffe

William found mommy phone

Riley enjoying the party too

Riley Started Baby Food 3/4/12


I started Riley on Baby Food Yay!!
she tryed Sweet potato,Blueberry,Apple,Pears,Squash
Pea's many more to come

Friday, March 2, 2012

Riley 6 Months Check-up

Weight 19lbs.13 oz  97%
Height 27.75 inches 98%
Head 44.55 cms 93%

Miss little Riley is doing great she rolling over from back to belly, she does not like to be on
her belly very long, She can sit up if there is help  (sit in her bumbo sit alot loves to watch the kids play)
She all babble, squeals, jabber, laugh alot more then Elyse & William ever did.
She always smiling, She a good sleeper.
She just started strong attachment to mommy when she does not know the person.
All in all Riley is doing awesome!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Picture time

Riley 6 Months old

To many pictures I like so you get to see a few

What a Big Smile

I love this one!!

William / Riley

Elyse was a school and I ask him what he wanted to do
he wanted to watch Elmo


Wanted to take a picture with Mommy too

When Elyse got home from school, wanted to get some pic with
her and Riley. Elyse would smile right before I take it she would make
a funny face! Silly Elyse!!

William smashing Elyse


Mommy/Elyse (Elyse still being silly taking to make funny face)

Elyse School Valentine's Day Party

Having there snacks, There is 10 kids in Elyse school class

William was able to come to Elyse V/day party
William enjoyed his self very much

Elyse Teacher (Mrs Margaret)

Elyse loves her teacher so much

Playing at the park/Big Bird/Playtime

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William playing with the wood chips

Elyse showing off her wood house

Riley enjoying the park too

Came home we fould a big bird in the backyard. It was there for about
three to four hours. Kids had so much fun just watching hm

The picture is kinds bad sorry!! if you look really hard you will see the bird again
he was eating the fish out of the pond. Intel the lady came home :)

Riley Elyse having play time on the mat