Friday, April 3, 2015

February 2015 Photo Dump

Found a Cute Picture of Shane when he was 6yr

William Soccer Team 1st game 2/14/15

Elyse Soccer Team 1st Game 2/14/15

William New Bed "William took this picture"2/14/15

Skyping with Grandma/pa Staheli 2/14/15

Skyping though the TV

Miss Sage 2/16/15

Janurary 2015- Photo Dump

Miss Sage 1/13/15

Silly Faces w/William 1/16/15

December 2014 Photo Dump


Family Trip to Brum's Ice Cream MmmmGood

Family trip to Zone
 ( All kinds of thing you can do with your family)

Watch out Tennick

Elyse Climbing

William Turn

Playing Soccer

Just chilling

Snack break

Block time

Dinner with the Parents
Everything German
Daisy Puppy

Getting ready to take him to new family
Saying good bye's

Kids was sad to see him go

Sage Eilonwy
Baby Blessing Day
Sunday Dec 28 2014

My sweet kiddos

Staheli Girl's

Dinner w/Family-Beals


Skyping Tayonna

Just Dance 12/26/14

Christmas Moring 12/25/14

Everyone Stockings

Christmas Morning
Kids are ready to go

So great to have Mom and Dad Varble here for Christmas with us
Super Fantastic !

Mom and Dad open there gift

Happy Mom Yay Kitchen Aid

Mom/Dad & Shane came in Christmas night

Opening Gifts from Staheli

Elyse so excited to have Shane here

Varble Family Is Here!!

Christmas Eve w/there PJ

Christmas Eve w/there PJ

Christmas Eve w/there PJ

Make our Ornaments

Dad's on watch out! :)

Christmas Night


Me and Mom

My Awesome Dad 

Elyse /Sage 12/15/14

Sage 12/12/14

Fun w/Camera 12/5/14

Silly Faces