Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th 2012

We took the Kids to BurgerKing for Lunch.

We watch are Firework at Hurst City Park

Elyse is ready for the Fireworks
Riley Dancing to the Music

William Just Chilling

Daddy Playing with Riley Roo

Sexy Couple

Elyse & William Dancing



It was a great day!!!

It's great to be Small 6/30/12

Riley Sound alseep

Random Pictures in June 2012

Silly Staheli's Kiddos

Family Trip to Houston 6/1-6/4 20012

We took a family trip to Houston Tx to visit family and see baby Ella Marie be Blessed. We left on Friday morning, we got to the Hotel around 4:30pm kiddos did awesome. We unpacked grab some dinner, and went swimming the rest of the night. Saturday we chilled at the hotel intel 1pm headed over to Brock,Steph Home visited with family, Kids played and got into everything. Later that night we did some more swimming. Sunday we headed to Church to see Ella Blessing her Daddy (Brock) gave her a fabulous blessing. After church we all meet at Steph Parents house for some dinner.We did some more swimming that night before heading home the next day. Monday we headed back home stoped at Sam Houston on the way. It was a great trip spend some good time with family.

Ella Marie
Walking in the woods to go see
Sam Houston.

William always have a stick in his hand.

Sam Houston's Face,
Kids got a kick out of this

We spot ed a little friend on the way

Kiddos watching the Little Friend

Elyse saw this butterfly and wanted me to take a
Picture (She loves them)

Waiting for Dad to come back with Ice Cream

Mr William


Elyse with her cheesy grin
Silly Girl!!