Thursday, August 30, 2012

Riley Birthday Day 8/30/12

Elyse, Riley
Its so much fun to watch the both of them play
they play together all time.
Elyse always makes Riley laugh & smile
Elyse love being Riley's Big sister

Our Beautiful Children
Mom,Dad love you so much!

Our Silly Picture

William, Riley
William loves being Riley's Big brother
They both like to play cars together
Riley love to tackle William, and William
get a kick out of it.

Riley Anne Staheli
1st Birthday
She such a joy to have in our family.
Things she love to do
Play with her Sis & Bro
Loves outside
Joy's have Tonks (dog) inside, She can say
Dog and Tonke
Eat everything she can get in her mouth
Crawling everywhere
Walking everywhere with something she can
hold on too
Giggly and laughs all the time
Always have a smile to share
Words she can say:
Love when daddy comes home from work

We love you Riley Roo
Happy Birthday Sweet!!



Grapevine Aquarium 8/28/12

We are ready to go Mom!!

Elyse so excited

William, Elyse looking are stingrays

Riley watching all the fish

William chilling and watching the sharks
swimming by

Shark tank

Silly Pictures

Raine,Kim,Carter Dewey
Thank you for letting us come
With you!!

Elyse, William touching the sea life

Riley trying ready hard to touch too


Sister Palmer Baby Shower 8/25/12

This is the Diaper cake I made for
Sister Palmer
Front Side
Side view

Fun Picture 8/22/12


Monday, August 20, 2012

Bill's Birthday Day 8/13/12

Dad's gift and many cards from the kiddos
Mmmm Dad Cookie Cake

Dad& William

Dad & Elyse

Dad & Riley

Singing to Daddy
Happy Birthday!!

Riley gets so excited when dad gets home
from work

William playing with daddy new lttle flash light

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

William's Room

We moved William out of Elyse room. William is a very bad sleeper he would wake up a bout 5 to 7 times a night every night :( so we need to make a change. Moved all the stuff out of the 3rd room and painted room green for william (William pick out the color) waited for the paint to dry and moved William in the room. Then started to paint Baseball field, Locker, Football field, add some sticker around the walls with all kinds of balls (I'm going to add more little saying on the wall just trying to find the right ones I like)Taking a long time getting all the stuff painted with having 3 kiddos to help. William enjoyed having his own room!!
His sleep habit have change for the better maybe 2 to 3 time out of the week we have bad night
So it has been been a good change 

Riley so tiny when I started the painting the room


Football field

Baseball field

Above his window

Stickers thought out the room





William bedding

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trying New Hair dos on Elyse


If you look really close. Both sides have Flower

Back has a twist


Elyse loves her flower

This is how I found William while I was doing
Elyse hair

Our little Riley Roo