Wednesday, October 26, 2011

William 2yr, Riley 2 months, Elyse 3yr

William being our crazy little man

Our pretty Girls


giving loves


Monday, October 24, 2011

Riley Smiling

Kids put stickers all over Daddy

Trip to the Park

It was a beautiful day! So me and the kids headed to the park to play




Train Ride to Fort Worth

Our train ride to Fort Worth
Kids 1st time

Best Friends forever!! Riane,Elyse

William loves trains

Raine,Carter,Kim Dewey

Water Graden in Fort Worth
My kids loved playing in the water

Water Graden in Fort Worth

Water Graden in Fort Worth
Quite pond

Picking up acorns

Bill took time of work to come with us

Elyse giving Raine a hug

Carter trying to get up
(I love how this pic turned out)

Raine,Carter Dewey & Elyse,William

Elyse & Wiliam ready for Church

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Morning

William wanted to be apart of the picture too :)

Sunday morning Bill was in the bathroom getting ready for church plus the kids was in the ther too helping daddy, next thing are heard was O No Elyse!! then Bill laughing Bill said go show your mommy how pretty you look. And this is what I found :) Elyse trying to put Mascara on. Elyse told me at she wanted to look pretty for chruch and be just like mommy. Man my little (Big) girl growing up to fast

Elyse & Riley

Elyse loves to take pictures with Riley!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Riley 1 month check-up

This check up is for her 2 month old, Doctor wanted to get her in one month earlier so we can get a head start on her shots for the flu season

Weight: 11 lbs 8 oz
Height: 23.25 inch's
Head: 15.25 ins

So Riley ranks in the 95th percentile (Just like her Sister & Brother)

She doing really well, She healthy a strong.

She a keeper :):)

Family Trip Zoo

Bill took a day off of work :) he been working 7 day 10hr shift for the last 3 weeks so he need a day off. So we head to the Fort Worth Zoo for some family fun. It was a great day! Weather was nice a cool(mid 80's) awesome day for the animal, Riley sleep the hold time. Kids had alot of fun seeing and being with daddy at the zoo. Train Ride, Elyse is saying choo choo

William loves train.

Getting ready for our train ride

William sitting on a alligator

Waiting for mommy (feeding Riley)

In the picture there a big leaf, Elyse carried that leaf around the hold time :) she loves to pick up leaf at home give them to me LOL because there are no flower to pick they are all dead :)

Trying to get a family picture

Elyse with the elephant's they had all 5 out, it was fun to see all of them.

William playing with the Baby Monkey. Giving him five

looking at the monkey playing on the swing

William watching the monkeys

Looking for the animal's