Friday, November 21, 2014

Sage Birth Story 10/1/14

Birth Story:
Baby Sage Eilonwy Born Oct 1st
Miss little Sage was not ready come! you enjoyed being in mommy.
At  mommy Doctor Visit at 37 week I was only dilated to barley to 2, next
Doctor Visit 38week I only more up a 1/2 so was to 2 1/2- So by this time
Elyse was born at 36wks, William at 37wks, Riley at 37wks
So this was the longest I've been pregnant
So at my doctor visit at 38wks along We set a date to be induced
Oct 1st if she was not going to come on the weekend
You camped out in tell the very last end....
Sage you was just so comfortable in mommy
Mommy spent the couple of day getting ready for you to come
Cleaning house, Washing clothing ect...
Day of Oct 1st 2014
Me and Daddy was up by 4am. Mommy good friend
Ashley Walker came over  at 4:30am to sit with your brother and Sister in tell they
woke up from sleeping. We ran to get something to eat before mommy was
 not going to be able to eat, We check in to the North Richland Hills Hospital
@ 5am in the morning. Bright and early.
Mommy was ready to get the show on the way!! Just to excited to my you
hospital got me all check-in and hook up in my room. They started me on liquid about 5:30
 and around6:30am they started me on Pitocin to get my contractions going.
Now we have the waiting game.....
Contraction started to get really strong around 10am. I have thing I wait in tell I can
not deal with the pain anymore about 10:30am I ask for epidural man. They
check me and was only at 5/4 dilated some progress not much
He arrived about 11am for my epidural ( He was a very nice but it was kinda funny
He was try to talk to me before he started the epidural I was having very strong contractions
about 1and half min's apart I guess I have him a look :) then He stop talk
and said let get the epidural done then we will talk- He did say he knows that look very well
all  women's have that look when they are done filling pain)
I got my Epidural :):)
It's always nice to fill the relaxed a little and not fill the strong contraction anymore
Bill loves it when I get a epidural cracks him up every time with all kids
He hate me in so much pain I do not even like to talk or even be touch when I having contractions
 then after receive it I have the Biggest smile on my face and start to talk like crazy
Epidural Man left the room about 11:45am they decided to check me again
I has only at a 7 dilated :? But the nurse had a look in her face that thing was not right
next thing I know I have 4 more nurses in the room putting me my on side
they ended tilting me back head first then asking for one of the nurses to call
Doctor Tabb's then my Nurse told us they lost the Heart beat of the baby
so they acted fast to find the heart beet again and waiting for the Doctor to get here
to decide what to do.. After Doc Tabb's check me again I was only still a
7 dilated so decide to it was time to push you out, she did not
want to wait make harder on the baby. Nurse started getting ready
for you to come to the world. When it was time push all my contraction stopped
so it was a waited for thing to happen again
It took about 20min and 3 contraction and pushing very hard
Sage Eilonwy was born at Oct 1st 2014 @ 1:30pm
Weight 8pound 4onces 20 1/2inches long