Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day

Well are day started at 5:30 Riley woke up to eat, then William started to cry then you heard Elyse to cry too, Bill headed down stair try to get them to sleep again. Next thing I heard was Elyse asking Bill did Santa come? Bill said YES both was out of there so fast. ( Are sleep in was out the door lol) We started to open gifts around 7am. It's always fun to see the kids open there gifts from Santa, look in there stockings and to see there Big Smile. Opening all gifts was done by 7:50am. Man the kids are so fast with opening the gifts this year. After kids played with there toys, we headed to Church which was a great meeting. Came home put William down for a nap, relax watch the kids play with more toys, able to skype family, enjoyed being together as a family!!

I just love Christmas time to reflect on Jesus Christ Birth and his life, the Example and the loves he showed to us everyday and still does. I'm so grateful for the sacrifice maded for me and my family.With Christmas time we able to let Elyse and William know it was Jesus Christ Birthday, With them being older they where able to understand and teach more. Which is really great.It was a fabulous day in the Staheli's home 

On a cute note:
I was put Elyse and William to bed putting there cover on them.Elyse ask me to come here. She told me she need to tell me a secret which was: I love Mom,Dad,Baby(Riley),William,Grandpa,Grandma,Tushara,Me,Jesus Christ.
It made my heart melt when she said Jesus Christ too
We hope you all had a wondeful and bright Christmas too!!

Elyse was so happy Christmas was here

Riley watch the kids open there gifts

Playing with Buzz

William get new Bike

William with Buzz

Elyse and Captain America

Angie (aunt) made this Dinosaur tails for the kids
so much fun



after all gift are opened:)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

Helping Daddy with picking up the leaf's in the yard

Making Gingerbread house!! kids 1st one

All William wanted was the candy to be open

Our finshed Gingerbread house

Elyse and William was so proud there house

Riley just chilling


Elyse, William wanted to take pic's with Riley

Riley Laughing

Santa Hat

Pic's with Mommy




Friday, December 16, 2011

Riley Check-up

Riley 4months Check-up

Weight 16lbs 4oz   98%
Height 26 inch       99%
Head 42.25 cms     89%

Riley will be 4months on the 30th Wow!! How time fly by fast. She doing really good. We put Riley on reflux for here stomach, it has been working great, She a much happy baby girl,she been sleeping very well she goes down about 830pm or 9 and she Intel 5 or 6 morning sleeping about 10hr or more. She loves to watch the kiddo play Riley laughs at them alot , loves to be on the floor to play with her toys. Riley talking (making sounds), smiling alot :) all in all Riley she doing really good very healthy little girl.