Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cute pic's

Elyse on top of William (they had alot of fun with this pic)

Last Friday 4/15 I was post about the sonogram. Elyse came to me and ask if William and her can have there pic taken, I told here o yes I would love to take pic of both of them. Above are some of the pic's I took. In one of the pic Elyse has her camera taking pic of mommy too. I love my kids so much, they are growing up so fast :) Enjoy

Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby #3 Sonogram Pictures

side view, face,belly,one arm,


Well the doctor said 50% Boy & 50% Girl.(LOL) Ones that do not know we are not going to find out on this baby Intel the end :) The baby is doing great! the baby ridge in the 95% for size, so we are having a big baby let's see if one can pass William up (William was 2wk early and weight at 8.12 ) we will see :):) I'm doing great. Only getting sick very little I have more good then bad days. Belly is growing, I felt the baby for the 1st time on Monday 4/11/11. All is well with Baby & Mommy

Monday, April 4, 2011

Doctor Appt's

We had both Doctor Appt's for both Kids. Both are very health good to go:) Elyse 3yr old: Weight 37.1/2 pounds 95% Height 40 inch 95% William 19months : Weight 31 pounds 95% Height 34 1/2 inch 95% Yay!! So lets just say both kids are going to pass me up in height, they are going to be tall like there Daddy. Its funny every time we go in for there Well visits they are amazed how big are kids are. With Elyse they are amazed on the height she is for a girl, and William in height and weight he just my big solid boy. Both are doing good for there ages!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Potty Training

So I'm soooo done with Elyse and Diaper's (I've tryed so many times to with Elyse a potty training from the age of two) So On Monday I had a hard core talk with her and said from today on Elyse is not going to wear diaper's any more they are for baby's and she not a baby anymore she turn 3yr old and now she a big girl. Earlier Monday morning she wanted to wear the pull ups. Kim gave me pull ups that if you pee it goes cold she went though 3 not really not working, the thought came to me well if She going to keep peeing I'm just going to put her in underwear and she learn sometime. That's when I had the talk with Elyse a said no more pull up or Diaper's. Monday we had 3 yay's and many opp's. by Tues 6 yay's less opp's by Wed 9 yay's 1 oop's from here on out she has been going pee in the potty and the only thing need to get is the stinky part that the only opp's day. She doing doing great. I guess all along I just need to have a grow up talk with her. Mom & Dad are very proud of her. Funny thing William is wanting to do it too. He done it 1 time and his face to priceless... Potty training so much fun:):)

Enjoying the nice weather.

We also spend alot of are time in the backyard playing. Kids love to go outside when daddy get home from work, even if we spent all day outside. We swing, hide & seek, you can not get me Elyse calls it (Tag), Chasing Tonka (dog) around the yard, Elyse calls it giving the tree a drink (watering the tree). Kids are so much fun. We are going to have to enjoy it now before it get to hot to play outside.. Plus being prego I'm getting slow and bigger. lol Thing are great with the Staheli house.

Playing at the park

Kids love to go to the park. So we spend alot of time at the park it only 5mins away.(it makes it nice not to far to drive) Here are a "few pic's" I have alot pic's of the kids playing at park. They love to swing too!!

Elyse Bday 3yr Old

Opening Gifts William playing with Elyse toys
Elyse is talking with her Superhero card, chilling with her balloon's

Elyse Bday 3yr Old

Elyse Bike

William with a cupcake
Raine,Elyse,William Cupcake time
She wanted Nemo cupcake so this the best is could do (little fishes)

We kinda keep low this year with Elyse Birthday. It landed on Sunday it was also a very nice sunny day. went to church came home had for dinner was pot roast,rolls,vegs,potato, later cake ice cream. Elyse was begging to have Raine Dewey (her best buddy in the world) come over for B/day, so right after Bill got home from all the meeting from church, I called Kim Dewey (Raine mom) come and have ice cream and cake with us. It made Elyse day!!! Elyse got a Big girl bike, leapster learning computer from Raine,Helmet,Punching bag, Grandma&pa S sent her a Hopping ball Shane coloring book with water, Grandma&pa V Clothing both kids loved the Superhero card. All in all Elyse is very Blessed so many people love so much.. She had a great Birthday.Mom & Dad are so happy you are a part of are live. You bring such joy and happiness We Love you BIG girl