Saturday, April 2, 2011

Elyse Bday 3yr Old

Elyse Bike

William with a cupcake
Raine,Elyse,William Cupcake time
She wanted Nemo cupcake so this the best is could do (little fishes)

We kinda keep low this year with Elyse Birthday. It landed on Sunday it was also a very nice sunny day. went to church came home had for dinner was pot roast,rolls,vegs,potato, later cake ice cream. Elyse was begging to have Raine Dewey (her best buddy in the world) come over for B/day, so right after Bill got home from all the meeting from church, I called Kim Dewey (Raine mom) come and have ice cream and cake with us. It made Elyse day!!! Elyse got a Big girl bike, leapster learning computer from Raine,Helmet,Punching bag, Grandma&pa S sent her a Hopping ball Shane coloring book with water, Grandma&pa V Clothing both kids loved the Superhero card. All in all Elyse is very Blessed so many people love so much.. She had a great Birthday.Mom & Dad are so happy you are a part of are live. You bring such joy and happiness We Love you BIG girl