Saturday, April 2, 2011

Potty Training

So I'm soooo done with Elyse and Diaper's (I've tryed so many times to with Elyse a potty training from the age of two) So On Monday I had a hard core talk with her and said from today on Elyse is not going to wear diaper's any more they are for baby's and she not a baby anymore she turn 3yr old and now she a big girl. Earlier Monday morning she wanted to wear the pull ups. Kim gave me pull ups that if you pee it goes cold she went though 3 not really not working, the thought came to me well if She going to keep peeing I'm just going to put her in underwear and she learn sometime. That's when I had the talk with Elyse a said no more pull up or Diaper's. Monday we had 3 yay's and many opp's. by Tues 6 yay's less opp's by Wed 9 yay's 1 oop's from here on out she has been going pee in the potty and the only thing need to get is the stinky part that the only opp's day. She doing doing great. I guess all along I just need to have a grow up talk with her. Mom & Dad are very proud of her. Funny thing William is wanting to do it too. He done it 1 time and his face to priceless... Potty training so much fun:):)