Monday, December 28, 2009

Playing in leaves

Our leaves finally off are tree, Crazying thing was it was two day before christmas. The next day we got some snow here in Texas.( Crazy weather )Elyse had alot of fun playing in the leaves

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Memories

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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Bill loves this Picture above because William is spiting up, it crack me up every time he look at the picture

Elyse enjoyed seeing Santa ( she didn't cry even)

Mix of Pictures

Willima Baby Blessing & Family in Town

Grandpa and Elyse

Elyse helping Grandma with her bag


William in his Tux for the Baby Blessing ( you cannot see it but he does have a tail on this tux) William such a good looking little man!!!

Our stay at the Hotel

Here some pictures of our stay that the hotel, Elyse enjoyed staying at the hotel she loved swimming:)


Candy was getting to heavy for Elyse to carry.Elyse trying to feed William candy

Daddy and William

Elyse,Mommy, William ( William was not very happy, this pic crack me up )

Elyse enjoyed Halloween, it was a lot of funny

Damage from the fire!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lighting struck our house.

On Sunday, 10-25-2009 at around 10:30pm, lighting struck are house. That evening, a line if strong thunderstorm's rolled into the area. The lighting bolt that hit us was unlike we have experienced- the sound, the electric feeling in the air, and the smell of ozone.We were watching TV at the time. When the bolt hit, the power surged and flicked off and on. The TV came back on. but the screen was green and distorted. The computer shut off. Immediately after the hit, we ran and checked on our children. We could smell the ozone in the air, and it smelled like our TV circuits were burning. We unplugged the Entertainment System and our computer.
After a minute or two, we could smell a little of smoke, and one of our smoke alarms went off. I ran to each room in the house to see if anything was burning. Nothing inside the house was, so I ran outside to see our roof was burning. It was not.When I came back inside, I could smell stronger. I then went to check the garage.
Upon opening the door from the laundry room into the garage, (Bill) was enveloped with thick black smoke. I instantly reach my hand around the door jam and opened up the main garage door, to let the smoke get out.I rush back into the house, yelled at Me that the garage was on fire, to get the kids out. She grabbed our two children and her home, and got the kids onto the porch ans called 911 ( we did not dare leave the cover of the porch), because there was still a lot of lighting. While she was doing that, I grabbed a salad bowl, filled it with water from the bathtub, and ran back into the garage to try on put out the fire. The smoke had cleared enough ( due to the garage door being opened), that I could see the fire was shooting out of the water heater, and had the was around it on fire. Water was gushing out of the release valve, so using by salad bowl, and this water, I stayed in the garage, dousing the fire until I was able to put it out
Within a minute of me getting the fire out, the fire department was there. They came into the garage, and tore down the Sheetrock around the water heater to see id the fire had gotten up inside. They also went room to room checking., and also went up into the attic. The fire department shut off our gas. By the time all the fire department left, it was after 1:00am, the fire marshal told us to shut off the power to the house, and to go a stay somewhere else. We shut off the power, but we did not feel comfortable going to a hotel that night, because we wanted to make sure that another fire didn't spring up. So we blew up a sir mattress in the front room out our two kids to sleep on it. Me and Bill stayed up all night to make sure things were OK.
We ended up booking a hotel, we stayed at Best Western for 2wks and moved to La Quinta for 2 more wks. We were out of the house for month. We lost are computer, all are food in our freezer and fridge, our oven, one of the TV our two AC and heater to the house and we are still finding more thing not working.
We was able to move back into the house Saturday before Thanksgiving, We where able to clean the house to get ready to have family fly into town for William blessing on Thanksgiving. But are so grateful that we still have a house over are heads, it's been a long road getting thing together and fix. But we are so blessed that Heavenly Father was watching out for us that night, that we our all safe and healthy. Thank you Heavenly Father