Saturday, March 20, 2010

Elyse Birthday Party 2yr Old

Well Elyse has turned the Big 2yrs old... We had here Birthday Party on March 17th just a little bit early. Because Bill was going to be gone for the weekend He had youth conference.
We had a Elmo party (she loves Elmo) we had a hand full of people come over. We open gifts and had Cake and Ice cream Here are some of the gifts she got, Elmo toddler bed, Clothing, Movies,Bubble Maker,Elmo cooking set, Books, Puzzles, Travel kit,Roller skates a lot more. She was spoiled, Elyse has a lot of people that love her so much.
Mom and Dad love her some much!!!!! Elyse is such a joy and light to are lives..... We are such proud parent to have her apart of are lives. We love you Elyse Happy Birthday Sweetie