Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Vacation to Utah

We as a Family was able to home for some wedding in the Family 2 wedding on Bill's side Kyle & Tiffany's & Derrick & Christa Wedding. 1 one my side Kilo & Natalie wedding. Just in a month and a half 3 wedding's WOW!!! Me and Bill made a decision that we had 2 wedding 1st week of June that I it wound stay with Kids for the month and half and Bill wound fly back to Texas in tel next wedding middle of July. We headed to airport on 2nd June, Our airplane was late 45mins and we had a connection in Minneapolis to catch then off to SLC.Well it sounds easy but it ended up being crazy. Well with the Plane being late 45 mins from DWF we got in Minneapolis airport really late we missed are fight out, and they had on fight going out that night:( They ended up putting us up in Hotel (Day's Inn) it took 30 min or more to get there and to let you know we landed in Minneapolis at 11:00pm so by the time we got in the hotel it was about midnight. We need to be up around 6am to catch a fight out at 9:15am. it took a long time to get the kids go to sleep Elyse and Bill was in one bed and Me and William in one. If a remember right was around 2:30, 3 in the morning by the time kids was out. And we all have to be up at 6:00am:) We all got up on time head to the airport, we looked at he screen, you look to find your fight AWWW well our fight was not on the screen Sooooo we try to scan our paper to pull our fight up it told us (There was NO such fight) By this time Bill was not a very HAPPY MAN.. Bill went a talk to the Airport Rep's .. They had me and Kids going back to DFW and from DFW airport to SLC. and they had Bill going to Atlanta airport and staying. after 45 mins trying to find a fight at we all could fight together. We got a fight out around 11am to Las Vegas airport then a fight to SLC Airport. We arrived SLC around 6pm 45 mins to North Ogden. WOW what a fight, but I do have to say with all the fight we did the kids did great.
The next day June 3rd was Kyle's and Tiffany's wedding Friday We spend time with family. June 5th was Kilo and Natalie's wedding. That Sunday Kevin & Charlotte blessed there little boy Daxton, and Bill left that day back to TX, I stayed in Utah with kids.
We was able to spend alot of time with family, the 1st two weeks of June I stayed with the Staheli Family. from June13th July 5th We stayed at Varble Home then Last two weeks July 5th to 17th at Staheli Home. Thank you DAD and MOM (Varble & Staheli) of letting us stay with you. It was a great blessing to watch the kids to get to know you and the family. Elyse still asking everyday where everyone at :) We sure do miss you love you all very much..
The next posting are going to be pic's of some of the activity's we did and the wedding:)
Hope everyone enjoys!