Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tushara & kids

We been blessed to have my sister come out to Texas to visit us for a while. It has been really fun having her here with us. The kids have enjoyed having Tushara to play with, go on walks, play outside when its not so HOT :) alot of flying, which is kids on her feet in the air, making huts,playing ball and I could go on and on. Let just say they have loved having her here with us. It been really nice to have someone here to talk to that is a adult and not a toddler. Plus with me still being Prego and very Big really slow, it nice to have young leg to chase my kids around. We are all going to miss her very much. She will be leaving us on Sunday, she heading back to go back to school and get back into work, friends, ect. Thank you so much Tushara for coming out to spend some time with the family we love every moment we had with you. WE ALL LOVE YOU.. and going to miss you ton's.