Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Riley Baby Blessing 11/27/2011

Sorry for some of the pictures:( they did not turn out as good as a wanted. I will post some more later, My mom will be sending me more.

Riley Blessing was Fantastic.(Thank you Bill for blessing our little Riley) it was a very beautiful blessing she received. We had family in town Bill's parent came in town on Saturday and spent the week with us, on Wednesday we all headed to Fort Worth Water Gardens with Grandpa and Grandma Staheli. which was alot of fun. My parent came in town on Wednesday (drove straight thought they left Tues at 3pmUtah in Texas by 12:30, so we all went out to lunch. The next day was thanksgiving which was great to had family in for the holiday, Bill his Dad, Turshara,Jershon,Tennik,Nevele all went and play flag football in the morning. We all ate Thanksgiving dinner around 3pm we relax and look ate Ad for Black Friday sale. I took my Mom,Tushara,Jershon out, It was alot of fun got all my shopping for Christmas done yay!! All we really did was chilled at home and Enjoyed having family with us. Soaking up the time we had with them. Ran to store a couple of time and ate out couple time. All in all it was Fantastic time.
I'm so grateful for family!!
Thank you Mom&Dad Varble (kiddo too), Mom&Dad Staheli
we are so grateful to have you as our parent's


Kim Dewey said...

So pretty! Riley is such a doll.

And I love the family photo with Bill wrestling the kids into submission --- classic!