Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camping in Backyard 4/27/12

Kids 1st time camping,Elyse and William was so
excited to sleeping the tent

Ready for bed

Riley enjoying the tent too

Yes are kids are hot and sweaty kids, it was a really hot night
Intel 3,4 clock in the morning it stayed about 75deg hen cooled
down,  LOL there was no sleep for mommy & daddy that night.

Riley in the morning

Our treat before bed time

Elyse in the morning

It was a lot of fun camping in the tent with the kids, we all had a great time.
Mommy and Daddy was very tired the next day.
Kids fell asleep around 10pm that night, William & Riley sleep ed next to me and Elyse next
to Bill. All kids did a great jobs sleeping though the night . It was a lot of fun for the kids to wake
up in the tent next morning. I think we will try real camping in the fall time
It will not be the last time Camping :)