Friday, April 4, 2014

Elyse 6yr Old Well Check-up 3/20/14

Elyse 6yr Old
Weight: 53.60lbs   86%
Height: 48.78inch  95%
She healthy an strong and doing very well.
Elyse has grown up so much in the last year, She still asking alot of question about new thing she see ,hears, and learning at school.
She talk about fun much fun it going to be when she get to go to 1st grade next year.
Loves to play with her Sister and Brother outside
Enjoys seeing her friend at School
Loves to picking flower for the family.
Enjoy help Mommy in the kitchen.
Color: Pink/Purple
Favorite Animal: Horses
Super Hero: Daddy/Captain America
Food: Pizza, Chocolate Milk,MC Donald's,Fish sticks, Cheese Sandwich,
and all kind of sweets
It fun to see how much you have grown up!!
 With things you have learn at school with you news friends and with Mrs Wall.
You amaze Mommy and Daddy everyday with the sweet example you
show your brother and sister and how much loves
you have to give:)
We are so honor you pick us as your family
We enjoy your sweet spirit in home, love and appreciate you sweetly
Happy Birthday Elyse
We love you!!!
Mommy, Daddy, William, Riley
Primary Birthday Spotlight 2014
Name: Elyse Staheli
Age:6ry old
Brother:1 Sister:1
The thing I like best about Primary is:  Singing time
My favorite storybook is:  Shark
My favorite thing to eat for dinner is:  Pizza
The food I cannot stand to eat is:  Potatoes
When I am a grownup I want to be a:  Doctor or Firemen
My Favorite scripture story is:  Joseph Smith
My favorite Primary Song is:  When I am Baptized