Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Family Trip 2nd Day in St George Utah 7/22/14

 Zion National Canyon
We woke up had breakfast, rested a little bit before heading out
to Zion Canyon. It was a lot of fun!
The one request the Kids had was that they could
go on a hike.

We was stopped right before entering the tunnel. 

Mini hike on the side of the road waiting for
the tunnel to open up

King of the Mountain

Here we go!!!
Kids loved the tunnel so much, that all they talk about for day

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showing off his rock

They wanted a picture with the flower in the back groundd

Starting our Hike
Let's just say it was a very hot day to do a Hike.
But they kids was not going to let get out of doing one
So we did a lot of mini break on the way
The temp was 109 degrees
Way to hot!!

Waking and Walking

Time for a break

Silly Picture with Kiddos

This look is can to carry me

Holding up the rock

Elyse loves to whistle

digging for rocks

Our sexy Car :)

Chilling in the Car

It was a good day at Zion's for being a 109 degrees
The kids did great. We stopped in the gift shop
( I know sucker)
But that is ok Kids was able to pick a little thing out
headed back to the Hotel for more swimming, Dinner
off to bed for much need sleep