Thursday, July 9, 2015

Staheli's and Walker's Family Spring Break Vac 3/12-3/13/201

Getting ready to drive though the Fossil Ridge Wildlife

Hello Sage

This Birds are mighty friendly 

We love Graffias  

Walker Clan in front of us 

Riley Roo So Brave!!

Our hotel room

It;s a Party in our room

Dinosaurs World
Reading the all about the Dino's

Miss Avery

So Cute!

Staheli's & Walker Kiddos


Walker kiddos
(My adopted kids Just love this family)


Egg Time!! Love Cade's Smile



Boston & Elyse

William,  Elyse, Riley

T-Rex head

Big rocks place
Places where there are big rocks you can clime all over and have fun

King's of the mountain 

Riley Roo

Ashley watching the kiddos run around

super strong

Wow Hudson 

My sexy man

Me & my girl's

Cade, Jamie

Jamie, Cade resting

Hudson, Ashley, Boston

boys chilling with there dadd
Boston, Cade,Jamie

Grandpa helping the kiddos

enjoying the water

Riley Roo

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At the end of each day we all put on your swimsuit.
enjoyed so time at the pool 

Sage 1st time swimming

It was a very enjoyable and fun and relaxing Vacation with the Walker Family!! Kids had a Blast!! they talk about it for weeks after .We also had Ashley Parent join us which we enjoyed having with us too. My kids would call them Grandpa & ma too. With us live away from home (Utah) My kiddos are blessed to have really wonderful and good friends in there life's Great example!1 Thanks Walker's  Family & Ashley parents (Ken & Brenda )