Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thankgiving Week 2012

Sorry it has taken sorry long to update the Blog it has been a crazy couple of months in the Staheli House..
The week before we left to Utah me and the three kiddos all catch a stomach bug (not fun at all) but by the time we left on Friday we all up a going again. Daddy work a half day was home by 1pm pack the car and was out of the house on are way by 2:30pm. We decided to drive straight though to Utah. We only stoped to get Gas, Eat twice, Stoped in Denver to rest of about a 1hr and half. we made to Ogden by 4:30pm the next Day. The kids did awesome!!All three of them got car sickness so I was hopping the seats all night. (It was kinda Crazy)But Mom & Dad are so proud of them and how well they did in the car :) It only took us 27hr to get to Utah
Saturday: Night we Visited both Family's
Sunday: We went to Grandma,pa Staheli Church. hen headed to Varble for a couple hours,then back up to Staheli (Bill thought it was awesome to get 2 dinner in one day )
Monday: Relaxed in morning at Staheli played outside with Grandpa,ma Staheli. That evening at the Varble & Shantae Family came down to see us. Meet up Mom & Dad S for dinner (pizza)
Tuesday:Morning at the Staheli's we did some more playing out in the backyard. That evening Varble house. Came down to Grandpa,ma V Shantae Family had dinner with us
Wenesday: Chilled at Staheli in the morning. We left the all three kids with Grandpa,ma. Me and Bill went Christmas Shopping. Kiddos did more playing outside.
Thursday: Thanksgiving Day :):) Left for Springville in the morning for the Staheli's Thanksgiving Day. It was really great to all the staheli side. It kinda made me fill old to see all the cousin grown up. We was back down in Ogden for the Varble Thanksgiving Dinner. Tushara got her mission call to New Jersey Morrison she heads to the MTC on March 6th It was so great to see all the Family on both side. Came home (Staheli House) looked at the ads in the paper headed out with Kyle and Tiffany to do some Black Friday Shopping left about 11pm and was out Intel 3pm. Thank you for coming with me Kyle and Tiffany it was alot of having you hang with me
Friday: I was back out shopping to the last thing 9am to 12noon. Came home played with the kiddos. Trent and Stephanie and the Family came down. It was nice to see them. My sister Tushara going though the Temple today (Brigham City) it was awesome! after we headed out for dinner.
Saturday: Morning I wrapped all the Christmas gifts for the family. started to pack thing for leaving on Sunday. Family Picture with Varble's 9am 12noon took the kids back to Grandpa,ma Staheli house for Lunch the me and Bill headed out to see Clint and Angie house, also Mike&Amy,AJ,Cynthia.
4:30pm to 10:30 Staheli Family headed to S.L.C Temple for see the Christmas light. Some good old Hot chocolate and Cupcakes plus a B/day party fot Derrick (It was a fabulous night) even if my kids was acting crazy
Sunday: We headed to Elon baby blessing for Kade. Dinner after the meeting sayed are good bye to the Varble Family. Headed up to Staheli for dinner, Spent so time with staheli. Pack up the car and was on are way back to Texas by 9:30pm.
Kids did a awesome job driving home. We only stoped in Wyoming to sleep for 2hours then stoped for gas 4 time. Kids got no Car sicks Thanks you Angie!!
We made back to Texas in 24hr
Home Sweet Home!!
We all enjoyed are trip back home to see family. We sure do miss them all alot
We love you all
I hope you enjoy the Picture