Tuesday, May 21, 2013

April 2013

One of Elyse Friends had a Birthday Swimming Party in
April ( and Yes the water was cold) but Elyse had so much fun

I cut all my Hair off, 12inch gone
Love it!!

Spent some more time at the park

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Elyse at Ballet
The time seem to going so fast April was a busy month for us. Just the every day thing in the house, keeping up with school, Work, Church callings, General Conference week
 Plus busy little body in the house. remolding are Kitchen counters
Mommy had a Birthday! Kids and Daddy gave me (New bed cover" Super Pretty", couple of awesome cooking pan, movies Downton Abby great show!!! Bill too me out to dinner the weekends before my Birthday. Man I sure do have a awesome, wonderful family.
I love each of them so much!!