Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Trip to the Haltom Fire Station 4/3/14

William love the Fireman Chair

Kitchen they cook in

Area where they sleep

William would say awesome pole mom
Can I go down it!!

Fireman Hat

Fireman Hat

look at the Jacket

They all got to go inside the fire truck

I ready to drive :)

William loved being inside the truck

Hold the part where the water come out
Gun part of the hose

All the kiddos

William showing the truck to Riley

Fireman Truck

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Time for Cupcakes! MMMmmmm Good

It was a awesome trip to the fire station
Kids had so much fun look and touch the fire man
truck!! Plus the Haltom fireman staff
so sweet with the kids
What a fun Day

RTE Triger Trot 3/21/24

Every Year Elyse school does a Tiger Trot the hold school by
class they can see how many laps they can as a class.
Company donate money for how many laps they run as a school.
Kindergarten Class

Elyse was pretty excited to run

Mark get set go

Cheering for Elyse

cheering for Elyse

Elyse ran 13 laps around

Mrs Wall's Class

Playing at the school park

Friday, April 4, 2014

Elyse 6yr Old Well Check-up 3/20/14

Elyse 6yr Old
Weight: 53.60lbs   86%
Height: 48.78inch  95%
She healthy an strong and doing very well.
Elyse has grown up so much in the last year, She still asking alot of question about new thing she see ,hears, and learning at school.
She talk about fun much fun it going to be when she get to go to 1st grade next year.
Loves to play with her Sister and Brother outside
Enjoys seeing her friend at School
Loves to picking flower for the family.
Enjoy help Mommy in the kitchen.
Color: Pink/Purple
Favorite Animal: Horses
Super Hero: Daddy/Captain America
Food: Pizza, Chocolate Milk,MC Donald's,Fish sticks, Cheese Sandwich,
and all kind of sweets
It fun to see how much you have grown up!!
 With things you have learn at school with you news friends and with Mrs Wall.
You amaze Mommy and Daddy everyday with the sweet example you
show your brother and sister and how much loves
you have to give:)
We are so honor you pick us as your family
We enjoy your sweet spirit in home, love and appreciate you sweetly
Happy Birthday Elyse
We love you!!!
Mommy, Daddy, William, Riley
Primary Birthday Spotlight 2014
Name: Elyse Staheli
Age:6ry old
Brother:1 Sister:1
The thing I like best about Primary is:  Singing time
My favorite storybook is:  Shark
My favorite thing to eat for dinner is:  Pizza
The food I cannot stand to eat is:  Potatoes
When I am a grownup I want to be a:  Doctor or Firemen
My Favorite scripture story is:  Joseph Smith
My favorite Primary Song is:  When I am Baptized

Elyse Birthday 6yr Old 3/20/14

Taking Pictures before going to School


She loves her Riley Roo

She so happy!!!
She wearing her Birthday Shirt

We ask Elyse what she wanted for her birthday she wanted a
real horse. So I made a deal with her is it ok with her if
I made a Horse cake will she be happy and ok with that
with a big smile she said Yes

Waiting for her gifts/cake

Has a Big Helper

I do not know what's up with the eye's
Riley Gift to Elyse

William gift to Elyse

Mom & Dad gift to Elyse

Card and 6 dollar's for Grandma-pa Varble

Plaster Horse Set and Barbie Book from
Grandma-pa Staheli
Elyse had a good day a school. I have a button I put on the
kids for there Birthday!! So she was pretty excited to wear
it to school.  I took some Butterfly Cupcake to Elyse school for
her to share to her class and Mrs Wall.
In her word she said (It was awesome to take cupcake to class)
When Elyse got home from school
kids played a little outside.
When Daddy got home soon after we head out for Dinner as a family
at Red Robin. The kids thought it was fun to
go to a new place for dinner.
Came home open gifts ate some cake
It was a Fun Filled Day!!