Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hurst Stake Youth Conference March 13-15-2014@LBL Grass Land

Hurst Stake YW Pres called a couple of months before youth conference
 ask me and Bill to be a Ma/Pa for Youth Conference!
With not having Family in Texas/ We really did not think
we would be able to go, But we had Mom and Dad Staheli
fly down for spring break to see the kiddo. Which was the same
time the youth conference was going on to so we ended go .
With a lot of meeting to get ready for the Trek
Here's the end result of our Pioneer Trek
--Wednesday Night--
Meeting our Family
Checking there Buckets/Playing a get to know you game/
Make our Family Banner/Ate some goodies
--Thursday Morning--
Arrived a Beach Street Building at 7am Ma/Pa's
Youth at 7:30am
Devotional/Prayer/Load Buses/heading to Glass lands 
1st Day -Sacrifice-
Rocky Mountain- 4miles walking up and down hills
All our stuff pack up

Boy's are ready  to do this

Waiting our turn to go

Team Captain Bro Ankeney

On are way

Belle/with our Child


One of the Crazy Hill we had to down with the wagon

Backing it up to go down  he hill

Bill/First aid Bro helping

Here we go


Love this Picture

Set up Camp
Dinner- Chicken and Rice Soup

Pioneer Games
Tug a war

2nd Day-Work-
6:30 am wake up call
 Breakfast/Break Camp/Back on the Tail

Picture above is one of the stops we made
Talk to the youth about how the Pioneer had to split up from there family
Rock was a marking for the Pioneer they would sign there names on it so the
family that got split for other was able to find there name on the rock
and know they could still be alive
I not the actual Rock
Stake had one made and we had the youth and Leader sign it



Trading post

On the 2nd Day
We had a lot of sand to walk in, and one crazy hill to go down
and straight back up.
I going to describe it. we would go up and hill and head back down it
when we got to the bottom the Hand cart would Stink in the
sand 3 to 4 inch pull and push it out again
Also on the 2nd Day they just wanted to youth to push and Pull
the Hand Cart. We did help some time
But they did do most of the work
We walk 8 1/2 Miles that day


The Women
We got spilt up from the Men
So we had to work together and pull and push the Hand Cart

The last stretch for the women to pull and push was to go up the
 Big Hill. 1st hand cart started to go up and got stuck. So all the
Young women and Ma's Dropped the hand cart and started to run to
help the 1st hand cart up the rest of the Hill.
We had 5 Hand Carts to take up the Hill
We all work together to get the rest of the hand carts up the hill
It was great experience  to see all the women work together
to make it up the hill

Men stood up at the top of the hill with there hand over there heart
It was crazy to look over and to see the men shedding tear's
Bill said to me it was a humbling experience to Women work so hard and
together to get the hand cart up the hill
It was Not easy to watch and not able to Help


Set up Camp
While Dinner was cooking/Kid's pick up the quilt
and started to tie it

Friday night-Fireside/Music

3rd Day
Wake up call at 6:30am
Breakfast/ Broke down Camp/Pack all camping stuff
We pack up early because we had some strong storms head are way
and did not want to stuck in it


Team Captain
Bro/ Sis Ackeney


Men of the Staheli Famly

All the youth Ma/Pa's Staheli & Hill
River Trail Ward

Heading to brake down are hand cart

Heart cactus

It was a awesome experience to be able to go on a Pioneer trek
with the youth of are ward and to
get know youth of our stake.
It was a great honor to work along the side the leaders that put so much
time and hard work in to making the trek and
wonderful and awesome experience
I Especially enjoyed having Bill by my side on the trek
It was  wonderful!!!