Monday, September 15, 2014

Staheli Bear lake- Relaxing at Condo / Visiting Minnetonka Cave 8/3/14

Gang up in Uncle Bill

Riley rocket shooter

Justin just chilling


William being silly

View from our condo

On are way to Minnetonka Cave

Girls with Aunt Tiffany

Us minus William
William was done taking Picture he just wanted back and eat

View from the Minnetonka Cave

Uncle Kyle/Aunt Tiffany walking back
with Elyse

Staheli Family- Bear Lake 8/2/14

All the Staheli Lady's took a trip downtown for Raspberry Day's
 It is all really treat to spend time with this
Wonderful lady's

Getting ready to head to lake

Walking down to lake with Daddy

More Pictures will be come soon...

Varble Family get togther for some horse back riding 7/31/14

Elyse with Aunt Tayonna
Elyse 1st time riding a horse!! if you know Elyse
loves...... Horses
so this was a dream come true for her

William with Aunt Tayonna
William 1st on a horse

Love William Face

Watching the kids ride

Riley with Aunt Tayonna
Riley 1st time one a horse

Mr Ben just chilling w/dogs

William Uncle Tennick

Snack time

Love picture
Sister love ((Priceless)) 

Part of the Varble Clan

Uncle Elon


William helping with walking the horse around

Uncle Ben showing the kid a chicken

Riley love touching the Chicken

My Mom!!

4wheeler time

Riley Roo

Mr William


Thank again Ben and Tayonna for the awesome time!
We had a great time spending time with all the family