Monday, September 15, 2014

Fish Farm 7/29/13

Kids had this idea in there heads long before going to Utah to visit family
that grandpa S was going to teach them how to fish
Grandpa S took us all to Fish Farm in North Ogden

Look at all the fish's in the pond

Time to Fish

Grandpa S helping Riley

Riley was the 1st one to catch a fish

Watching Grandpa take it off the hook

Riley 2nd fish

Riley and her 2 fish she catch in the first 5mins we was there
Fish sure like Riley Roo

Girls spend time with Dad and fishing

One on one time with Grandpa S

Elyse 1st fish

Elyse 2nd fish

William 1st fish

 Riley did not want to forget to go fish or Ducks too
Riley Roo 1st Duck
Grandpa S helping release the duck back in the pond

Elyse 3rd fish

Elyse 4th fish

Elyse 5th fish

Elyse 6th fish

Riley 3rd Fish

William 2nd Fish

Loss the fish off the hook

William is trying to pick it up

Sorry pic sideway

Releasing the Fish in the bucket
I was in very impressed that William
wanted to do it all my his self
Way to Go Mr William

At the end of our Fish trip we ended up with
Riley 4 Fish's plus one Duck (Released back in pond)
Elyse 6 Fish's
William 2 fish's Pick up a fish with his hands
 We had 12 fish gutted and clean to
take home to eat.
 And yes they tasted very good out of the Kids William was the
only one that would try it
We ask him if he like? and his reply was it has not taste..
Thank you Grandpa/ma Staheli
We had a blast watching to kids go Fishing


Unknown said...

So much fun!!!! We need to have an old neighborhood group get together. I see so many of us changing and growing into our lives.... it would be fun to reminisce about how weird and crazy we used to be...and probably still are. Have a good one!